About Us

Cora Bella is a modern and efficient company which respects both tradition and quality. In a short space of time it has grown considerably due to use of modern technology and innovation. Its products are the result of the use of the very best raw materials, expert combinations and blends, precise chemical, bacteriological, tasting and visual tests. Cutting edge technology is used together with experience acquired over the years which still respect the traditions and all these elements guarantee the success and development which the company has as its goal.

Jagg Marketing 2000,Inc. was formulated in 1999 and incorporated in the year 2000 by the President James A Corradino. Mr. Corradino and family together have over sixty years in the manufacturing, management and sales of Pasta and the industry.

Jagg Marketing’s formation and management team is the result of Viva Macaroni Company that was acquired by the Bordens and Prince Macaroni Company, which was in operation for over fifty years. All-important background of manufacture and selling knowledge initiated the start up of Jagg Marketing 2000, Inc. Over the past 9 years Jagg Marketing has established and grown two major categories of imported pasta. The two lines are sold nationally throughout retail and food service markets. Jagg has been instrumental in developing market recognition through its US distribution and worldwide broker program.

Since 1999 we offer eighty premium quality products: a commitment that involves all our working phases. We are actively engaged with our Producers to deliver on time and service programs that drive us towards a constant improvement process. We work as a business team with our partners in areas that allow us to be competitive and consistent. We are successful in the results of consumer retention, satisfaction, production, technology and brand expansion.

Currently Jagg’s premier brand; “Corabella” is staged for robust growth as we are trademarked for Expansion in the major countries of the World.

Our philosophy has always been the same, “we are providers of total quality genuine Italian tradition”. We maintain the basic foundation of using the best raw materials from selected mills. We are engaged to protect and promote all over the world the genuine “made in Italy” pasta and filled pastas. Our efforts are daily rewarded by the fidelity of our customers who have their requests fulfilled by our wide range of traditional and special pasta shapes.

You can find our products in all USA States and we are driven to expand our customer base with in each of these states and other countries as we begin our 10th year of Jagg.

James A. Corradino