Food Service

Made from 100% Italian grown hard durum wheat.

Olive oils from the regions of Umbria.

The Company

Cora Bella is a modern and efficient company which respects both tradition and quality. In a short space of time it has grown considerably due to use of modern technology and innovation. Its products are the result of the use of the very best raw materials, expert combinations and blends, precise chemical, bacteriological, tasting and visual tests. Cutting edge technology is used together with experience acquired over the years which still respect the traditions and all these elements guarantee the success and development which the company has as its goal.

Our philosophy has always been the same, “we provide quality genuine Italian tradition.” We maintain the basic foundation of using the best raw materials from selected mills. We are engaged to protect and promote all over the world the genuine “made in Italy” pasta and filled pastas. Our efforts are rewarded daily by the fidelity of our customers who have a choice of our wide range of traditional and special pasta shapes.

Made from 100% Italian grown hard durum wheat.